Today I’d like to start to share a series of ideas and reflections on my own teaching practice and ‘theory’.


After reading Techniques and Principles of Language Teaching and How Languages are Learned* for my Delta Module 1 preparation course, I started reflecting on my own practice, trying to pinpoint what theories or beliefs underlie my teaching practice.
I have already written some of the results of my reflection in a more practical sense, but with this post series I would like to dig deeper into what makes me choose what and how to do things in class.


I’ll divide my reflections by topic, so modelling the structure on Larsen-Freeman and Anderson’s work, I will consider the following points:

In doing this, I hope to shed some light on why I do what I do in class, and on what aspects of my teaching I need to improve.


* Unbelievably both books are written by women. Coincidentally, both have been the most enjoyable reads I had to do for course, together with Scott Thorbury’s Beyond the Sentence.