How it all starts

I love writing — it helps me organise my thoughts and give them perspective. I write a daily diary, I write letters, and as of today, I’ll be writing on this blog.

I have had blogs since I was a university student. I don’t know what it is about blogging, but I am constantly drawn to it. I start a blog, I write for a while (my latest adventure lasted about 3 years), and then I inevitably end up getting bored of it.I am starting this new one for many reasons. First of all, I missed blogging. I stopped writing on my last blog last year, I was getting tired of writing about work all the time. I am now creating a place where I can share whatever comes to my mind, my life as a whole rather than compartmentalised.

Secondly, I feel the need to share some of the thoughts and experiences I write on my diary about with a wider audience. I don’t think many people will actually read this blog, but knowing that my thoughts are out there gives me a sense of sharing and community that writing on my diary does not.

And lastly, I hope to make this into another outlet for my writing and a chance to practise my English. Excuse my mistakes or awkwardness, but English is not my first language. This is just another way to use it, and improve it.

 I am grateful to A/I for all their hard work, and for providing this amazing service.